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Hi there, I’m Lisa.
I design scalable digital experiences.

Digital, Brand, UX/UI

With a holistic, pragmatic and systematic design approach, I ensure to build the right things and build them right.

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Sorted (YC) is a recently founded SaaS management tool where I am doing all design and UX related work. From creating a visual identity system, a design system and a scalable product, to designing and building a landing page.

Visual identity
design system
Landing page
Website with crying face
Get started with Sorted
Jaw dropping simplicity
Snippet of a design system

Undo is a Danish insurance company on a mission to make insurance accessible and transparent for everyone. During my nearly 3-year period as Head of Design, I established a design culture through advocating for design thinking and UX research and designing all things UX. This included the landing page, the Undo app, Undo rejse, the Undo Kør app, a multi-brand design system and everything in between.

Visual identity
design system
Undo app launch
Undo forsikring
Undo Kør
Undo kør testdrive
Undo design system snippet


A generative logo system accompanied by a (conceptual) revamp of a landing page for Creative Coding Utrecht.
An institute that advocates and facilitates everything in the space of creative coding, art and technology.

Visual identity
creative coding
CCU business card
CCU sticker and badges
CCU pencils and line
CCU conceptual webdesign

A collection of tools, resources and thoughts to inspire design practitioners in working more intentionally and effectively.

design research
The Design Docs Wiki page
The design docs - monthly digests
The design docs - terms explained
The design docs - article


DESIGN production & design ops

No matter where you are in the design journey, I can help with design support in any stage from visual identities, web design, UX design and UI design to design systems and design operations.

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workshops & lectures

As a design lecturer and practiced facilitator, I offer workshops and lectures to upskill your team, get a feeling of design thinking or as a get-to-know-eachother for potential further collaboration.

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templates & publications

Don’t feel like working together just yet...but curious what the fuss is all about? Have a look at the design templates and publications to get familiar with design thinking.

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A space for research, experimentation and design curiosities.

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