By signing up as a customer myself, I got in contact with CEO Sophie Bohr, and before I knew it I was headfirst into designing one of the coolest apps in town, disrupting an age old industry. In 2018, I joined Undo as head of design on their journey to making insurance fair, accessible and transparent for younger generations.
Through my nearly 3 year journey, I led design by narrating Undo's brand into designing every aspect of their digital ecosystem (landing page, web app, mobile app). All while building a design culture from the ground up. It was 3 years filled with classic startup chaos, and building stuff with friends. Now,  some awards and a ton of learnings later, I can proudly say this role has been instrumental in shaping the designer that I am today.

Product design
UX design
UI design
Design system
Design Ops

Nordic Finntech Award (2018)

Danish Design Award - shortlisted (2021)

Danish Digital Award (2021)

Danish Digital Award (2023)

The brand

Even though I can not take credit for the brand foundations (logo, color choices and typography - kudos to Designit), I took a huge part in defining Undo's brand strategy and how it was applied in Undo's universe.
Manifesting from merch and ads all the way down deep into Undo's apps.
To have a clear strategy I chose to work with the brand presence curve. Meaning that the earlier users came in contact with the brand, the bolder the brand should be. And vica versa, the deeper the user was in Undo's product, the brand presence would have less priority.
This strategy allowed Undo to both attract new users in engaging ways, while making sure existing users were met with the trust they deserve in Undos apps.

The landing page

The first revamp of the landing page (2019) was all about keeping the user informed but still with an edge. Hence the adoptation of the off-grid, gritty pictures and general tone of voice.

The second iteration (2020) was all about gaining trust and growing up as a organisation. Clear navigation with a clear page structure and less visual clutter were only few of the improvements we established to keep the traction high.

Upon the launch of the car insurance (2021), it was crucial Undo was perceived as a trustworthy insurance company. Especially since car insurance was targeting a more older and established audience in comparison to the previous product launches. Hence the more conservative approach towards imagery, interactions and animations.

Undo: Indbo

The core product from Undo was Indbo and really has set the stage for the production of all the other features. Its engaging onboarding flow and pick-and-choose cards, made insurance easier then ever before.
Even though the foundations stayed the same, I performed a thorough clean up to make sure the user experience not only was unique for its kind, but also user friendly and performing.

Undo: rejse

Undo rejse was one of the first big features I got to work on. The feature works based on location so a lot of the challenges were related to location tracking, privacy and notification handling which came with some UX challenges.
The app should therefore also reflect each stage of travel, visualising different states and needs while still remaining consistent to make sure users could easily find what they needed at any stage in their travels.

Undo: kør

Kør was Undo's first product that started targeting an older audience. An audience that is a little more established. A car damage comes after all also with more risk then a stain on your carpet. This was for the design a good time to reflect and think a little bit about the future of Undo's design strategy. And this is also the time where Undo went through a small glow-up. Cleaner lines, less grit, but still with wit. The design became now a little bit more mature to make sure we could gain the trust we needed from this new audience.

Design ops

Needless to say that a 3 year experience in a fast growing startup comes with plenty of operational challenges. As Head of Design while being also the only head of design for a while, stakeholder management, keeping up with an intense pace while also delivering high quality work was not for the faint of heart.
Recognising the challenges and tackling them headfirst came with a lot of trial and error but is also what essentially set the design culture in Undo successfully. By open communication, a clear design process, early involvement of stakeholders, an efficient design system and a design resources strategy, I was able to overcome these challenges, keep up the mood, the good work and eventually some extra hands to help me out.  


Undo was "a ride" to say the least. Being Head of Design of a rapid growing startup has built the foundations of the designer I am today. I did not only learn how to establish a design culture from the ground up, but also learned scaling that culture with an organisation that is in constant flux. Driving design for efficiency and growth while maintaining quality, keeping stakeholders in the loop and the classic startup chaos were only a few of my day to day challenges to overcome. All while disrupting an industry that was not meant to be disrupted. An unforgettable experience would be an undostatement.