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Having had the privilege to witness Lisa deliver her keynote, I was left thoroughly impressed. Not only was her presentation meticulously structured, but the seamless blend of in-depth research with real-world applications was truly commendable. What set Lisa's presentation apart, however, were the fun interactive elements that kept the audience engaged and invigorated throughout. It's evident that Lisa is not just a freelancer, but a powerhouse of innovation, design and creativity. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa for any event that seeks to inspire, educate, and entertain its audience.

- Jacob Poulsen @ Beecon Elite

About this talk
Have you ever wondered how some brands stand out more than others? Or why you just can't come up with that brand name you saw an ad from the other day? Are you wondering how  to get started on lifting your brand to the next level? This talk is for whoever wants to start exploring just that. Expect a collection of tools, industry example and a framework that can get you started in building memorable and scalable brand experiences.
DKK 4000
Working hours: MO-FRI 10 - 18
Meeting hours: MO-FRI 10 - 14
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