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Hi there, my name is Lisa. I am a digital designer helping organisations with designing scalable experiences across product, web and brand.
I have a knack for design systems and always love to challenge the way we work.

Alongside digital product design I’m running a few self initiated research projects on the future of UI design and I occasionally share my experiences through writing, mentoring and education.


Alongside classic design thinking, I've built some design principles through the years that help me build the right things and build them right.


With purpose, people and planet in mind, having a full understanding of the realm of the project at hand is crucial to be able to figure out what needs to be designed. Additionally, regardless if it's s a visual identity, website or digital product, I'll always design for the full branded experience.


No project is identical. I listen to where you are in your design journey to cater the best design process that I see fit.  This can mean anything from starting with a logo or a complete UX overhaul. Trust the process.


I always build for scale. No matter how large or small the project is. Tech is unpredictable and catering for change is what will make or break your design. My systematic approach will establish a resilient design solution for whatever is yet to come.


I have many tools under my belt to make sure that what I design is easy to use. With care for inclusive design and accessibility, I aim for designs that gets the jobs done as easy as possible, for everyone.

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